The easiest and most reliable way to send money to Mexico

1. Send us a message via WhatsApp with the details of the remittance

2. Pay $2.99 ir with your card. You get the best rate, guaranteed






3. Your family receives the money immediately and wherever they prefer (Elektra, OXXO, Bancoppel, etc.)

 Why Félix? 

Our team is always available on WhatsApp to help you

You can send money whenever and wherever from your phone - say goodbye to going to the store

You don't pay until the money is in the hands of your family

Our users testimonials

"Thanks to Félix I was able to help my family build their farm"

- Maria, Filadelfia, PA

"Our community has been waiting a long time for a service like Félix"

- Ernesto, Filadelfia, PA

"God bless Félix!"

- Ramón, Sunnyvale, CA